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Our Mission
We are passionate about serving great tasting food, which means we always use the best ingredients we can find. Seasonal whenever possible, organic when needs be, free-range always, and locally sourced as much as possible from farmers who share our commitment to quality. We know exactly what is in each of our products - ensuring no unnecessary chemicals or preservatives. We don't use the word fresh - it's a given with us. Our menu will reflect our food philosophy. The menu is developed by our team and is a blend of Italian, French, and Spanish cuisines with an American flair. The emphasis is on fresh, locally produced ingredients.

We offer a large selection of seasonal salads, quiches, soups, pies and sandwiches as well as a dish of the day. These are complemented by made to order juices, smoothies, barista coffees & teas all available to eat in or take away. We make as much as we can in our kitchens, guaranteeing quality and ensuring a naturally healthy product.

Our goal is simple & clear! “Serve our customers with the quality food as if we fed our own kids”.
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